Hacker la peau

Here it is, finally available in book stores and on the internet, our book Hacker La Peau, created with Sabrina Calvo, and published by Le Lombard! I feel very proud of this work, and I hope that you will let yourself be guided by the white rabbit.

Description of the story:

Prin is a poet, Molly a seamstress and Axl a wanna-be-woke hacker. In the heart of the city of Lyon, they form a more or less functional romantic relationship together. Until this night which will shake them to their core: a coordinated attack throughout the city by small far-right groups supported by the ruling power. We must flee! Flee to find somewhere else, a refuge. Flee to find the others and to live forward.

On the edge of the marvelous and the anticipation, Hacker La Peau is a choral story, addressing contemporary queer and political themes that it is urgent to bring to the forefront of the literary scene.

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