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City & Gender

This digital edition brings together the chapters from the comic series City & Gender, previously published in English in Big Issue magazine in Taiwan from November 2013 to May 2014.

Public space is not neutral. City & Gender tells the story of several characters who encounter gender-related problems in their daily lives.



Original art


More about Talismans

Every time people ask about my tattoos I answer that they are my talismans. Protections, emotional scars, reminders. Symbols have always been part of my life, and during my childhood I learned how to write in hieroglyphs. So later on, when I looked beyond my own body as a big Post- it note and started to consciously practice Magic, stones, woods and bones found a new dimension in my life. And with them I became a talisman maker. At first it was all for myself and my altars, but now I believe to be ready to share it.

I hope I could participate to reassert the worth there is in wearing talismans and symbols in contact with our bodies. To integrate symbols and to work with them means following an inner desire to change ourselves, our life and our perceptions. Starting with the wrong perception we have of being at the mercy of the world. It is undeniable that our world is currently in deep motion, and this motion is accelerating. It brings a lot of fear, suffering and negative actions. In that context symbols are the perfect tools to help us with visualizing, feeling and rooting change in our life. They are keys for our inner locks, acting upon invisible parts of ourselves. They help us to practice Magic, the art of transformation. They help us to claim back our own power. For every symbol finds its personal echo: it’s a dialogue.

This is why the symbols on the talismans here below are sometimes explained and sometimes not. For whoever will acquire a talisman I wish for them to project in it its own meaning and strength. Whatever energy and force holds your talisman it exists because it exists within you first.
To light a candle, to purify something with fire or water, to put a specific tarot card on your altar or your bed table, to have a new tattoo or to put a talisman on, this is a decision to actively give shape to what we want to see invoked, revealed, embodied.

How have the talismans been prepared and painted?

The talismans are all unique pieces of art. They are entirely painted by myself with acrylic painting, protected by two layers of varnish, and assembled with metal.
Before and after the work, they’ve been purified and energized with a ritual and the sand of a sacred Italian place with a very high vibration. I’d rather not give further information except that I ‘asked permission’ for taking the sand and made a fair trade for it.

I’ve never worked on a talisman when I was physically sick or driven by negative energy or pain. I did my best to only dedicate them my best energy and spirit.
For all these aspects, making only one talisman requires sincere care and patience, which is reflected in their price.

Why specifically the left hand?

Beyond the symbology of giving and sharing related to the human hand, I specifically chose to work only with left hands of wood because it is the one on the heart side. This body part in particular invokes acting with care, shaping with love, touching and connecting with compassion.

What about cultural appropriation?

As a privileged white person, I did my best to create talismans where the spectrum of skin colors is acknowledged without falling in cultural appropriation. The symbols I’ve worked with belong to ancient cultures such as celtic and nordic Magic or egyptian hieroglyphs, to Buddhism, to western astrology and pagan imagery.